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Currently computer engineering area has had huge changes; computers are covering a wide range of work in all types of fields, for instance, in education, health, business, leisure activities, etc. Computer Engineering major is designed for you to become a professional in the use of experimental techniques, as well as to develop the ability and analysis of them, and to face problems related to hardware and software for a variety of implementations.In this course you will be able to participate in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary groups, to design essential solutions for today challenges. You also will able to administrate telecommunication technologies to satisfy organizational needs. Computer engineering major has two main areas: Software of systems: in this area, you will be able to implement and administrate operative systems; as well as designing and developing software applications. Digital systems: you will be able to design and carry out software tools to hardware management. You will be able to manage, and make maintenance service to digital systems, and to interfaces in computer technology and telematics.