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Graduate student profile

The new licensed will be able to design and to write programming systems in high technic rank, compilers, operative systems, telecommunication webs, aiming to integrate big and medium size computer systems, as well as to conceive and design systems of computers and hardware that satisfy function needs as well as to be able to respond to specific purposes. The graduated student will have the ability to use experimental techniques, analytical and heuristic techniques to solve problems.  He or she will know about the hardware and software and their applications; and their basic techniques that represent the computer process in all their implementation areas. The graduated student will be able to develop computer systems and to solve problems, as well as to create and innovate technology that meets the needs of the working area.  The graduated student will have integral and experiential education that allows him or her to identify and solve problems in their area of specialization; in addition, he or she will be able to analyze, judge and decide about the role the computers have over the science progress, the technology and the human life. The graduated student will be able to develop software of parallel and concurrent systems, of high technic range.  He or she will be able to use mathematic language and software engineering methodology to implement it in auto-adaptable systems, flexible and “escalable” (climbable) and of high performance; moreover, he or she will be able to make research in the computer engineering area.