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• The research conducted at the University campus, is relevant, impact on the state development and it is recognized in a national and international level.
• The scientific production is distinguished by its high level and complies with national and international quality standards; it also contributes to the solution of problems in the Los Altos region of Jalisco and the state.
• The academics dedicated to research are members of the National Researchers System.
• Research projects, for its quality and relevance, generate alternative sources of financing for development research.

Training and teaching


• Educational programs, taught in various modalities, are recognized in quality and relevant to have an international vision and a graduate profile that meets the needs of the environment.
• Postgraduate programs contribute to the formation of high level human resources and research development.

Educational and academic model

• The academic model is student-centered in their ways of being and learning to be, knowing, doing, living, undertake and create, propitiating a proper institutional management  allowing a multidisciplinary and practical learning. It works in a flexible, inclusive and multidisciplinary way; further more optimize its human, material and financial resources.
• Human resources formed, are professionals committed with society, who stand by their principles, values, creativity and service attitude.
• The academics, managers and students keep a daily culture of respect, attention to the surrounding problems, labor interaction harmony and social solidarity.
• The academic, technical, cultural and artistic production of Centro Universitario Los Altos improves the life quality of their social environment and develops the principles of environmental, social and cultural sustainability.
• The university community is closely linked and articulated to social organizations, managing projects and processes for better civic education, oriented on principles of social responsibility.
• The academic organization allows integration of fields of knowledge in the design of new research relevant projects, with high impact in solving the problems of the social environment.

Faculty staff

• Teachers guide students in learning and taking initiatives, conduct research quality based on a continuous updating process and improving pedagogical skills that stimulate permanent innovation in the teaching and learning methods.
• Teachers are recognized for their quality.


• Cooperation with institutions around the world is one of their main means of internationalization.
• Students and academics regularly perform activities of national and international academic exchange.
• Students and academics managed at least one language other than Spanish.
• Graduate programs are linked with other educational and research institutions, national or international.

Extension and binding

• The relationship with the public, social and private sectors contributes to regional development.
• The social commitment of University students is strengthened through community development activities.

Cultural promotion

• The promotion and preservation of cultural, artistic and historical heritage in the region is developed with input from university community and municipal, state and national authorities.
• Knowledge spreads permanently.
Management and governance


• The construction of the direction of Centro Universitario de los Altos is done with the participation of the university community and different sectors of society.
• The university governance is recognized for its transparency in the exercise of spending and accountability to society.


• The evaluation system contributes to the fulfillment of the Institutional Development Plan.


• Administrative processes are certified quality.
• The university budget is increased with self-generated resources.


• Facilities are recognized for its excellent conditions for its architectural design, congruence with the needs and respect the environment.