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Mission - Vision


To contribute to the economic and social development in the west area of Mexico, focus on Jalisco; this aim has been supported as mandatory by International Organizations, such as the UNESCO, as well as by other organizations that work for the same purposes. Computer engineering major aims to supply students with a scientific, technology and humanistic culture, throughout a methodology education that prepares students to adapt and include scientific and technology innovations to students professional field.


The horizon towards 5 years, the major of Computer engineering:

  •  Will be an educational program that will have reached regional and national prestige.
  •  Will have gotten the first level in the CIEES evaluation.
  •  Will be authorized by CONACYT Program.
  • Will have professional postgraduate teachers that will be involved in research projects that generate new knowledge to students.
  • Our new bachelor degree students will be independent leaders in modern technology that will be able to solve computer challenges. 
  • Will afford 80% of students graduated.
  •  Will count on an updated educational curriculum, in concordance with thedemand of the productive sector, and to the national and international technological development.