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Festival of Culture and Arts

In 2011, Centro Universitario de los Altos (CUALTOS) of Universidad de Guadalajara developed the project "Cultural Promotion and Dissemination of Los Altos de Jalisco" supported precisely by the donation account from the Culture and Arts National Council (CONACULTA) through Management of the Culture Committee of the Deputies Chamber of the Mexican Congress. This program was held from June 1 to December 3, 2011, with various activities integrated into a Culture and Arts Festival from Los Altos de Jalisco.

The Festival of Culture and Arts, a result of the Promotion and Dissemination Cultural project of Los Altos de Jalisco in 2011, is a testimony that the linkage and interest to join efforts for the common good had results, so that its proposal is inescapable to give continuity to the actions concerning the strengthening and preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage from Los Altos de Jalisco and Mexico as well.

On November 2013, Centro Universitario de los Altos held the 2nd edition of the Festival of Culture and Arts with its own resources and the participation of the Municipalities Councils of the South Region of Los Altos de Jalisco.



The International Fair Egg

It is implementation is based on a program of academic, business and cultural activities linking various social sectors through exhibitions, musical concerts, opera gala, conferences, forums, workshops, gastronomic exhibitions and presentations. All this around egg considered as a staple food in the economy, nutrition and culture of our country.

Centro Universitario de los Altos, form Universidad de Guadalajara developed on June the 1, 2 and 3, 2011 the first International Egg Fair in connection with various social and artistic sectors in the region especially with the Association of Poultry Producers of Tepatitlán, achieving success by the relevant community involvement and guests sectors, which led to the realization of a second edition of the show on November 22, 23 and 24, 2012 including the participation of the National Union of Poultry Farmers.

The International Egg Fair encourages participation by people of all ages in artistic and cultural activities and in the same way rescues and spreads the cultural heritage of the region.

The International Egg Fair (FIH) contributes to the social, cultural and economic development of the State to encourage analysis, dialogue and dissemination egg industry where will emerge proposals to promote sustainable development in the region. These activities involve the presentation of theatrical, musical, storytelling, children's workshops and art competitions and gastronomic rescuing this intangible culinary heritage and to encourage the creation of audience and participation in cultural activities in an independent way.



Agro-Business Creation Expo

Centro Universitario de los Altos, located in the most important Farming Industry Region of the Country is responsible for training students able to  develop and tap into scientific research, innovation and technology.





Week of Educational Innovation and Comprehensive Training

The Educational Innovation and Comprehensive Training Week (SIEFI) is organized every year by Centro Universitario de los Altos with a vision to strengthen educational innovation and develop skills in students to help them acquire a comprehensive education.

SIEFI has been organized annually since 2006 in the “B” calendar. Has its antecedents in the Cultural Week organized by the careers of economic and administrative faculty of the University attending the recommendation of CACECA to offer comprehensive training activities for students. Since 2007 it changed its name to Integral Educational Innovation and Training Week, but still only integrated degrees in Management, Accounting and International Business.

In 2009, the fourth edition of SIEFI, for the first time integrated 13 educational programs in order to promote socialization among students, encouraging the development of learning with an interdisciplinary vision encouraging  university identity.



International Meeting of Spiritual Tourism

Los Altos de Jalisco Region, since the seventeenth century has been an area where the pilgrimage has played a leading role. From there, the International Meeting of Spiritual tourism emerges as an academic space for reflection and analysis of the role played in the development of populations. The fact of having a place of faith of high visitation seeking to exploit this flow people could be a detonator for the benefit of the local community and will promote a tourism policy.
The event not seen as an object of study of the religious phenomenon but as a management that involves a visitor’s pole attraction implies to work with issues such as territorial planning of tourist sites, the management of tourism sites and products, tourism marketing and sustainable and accessible tourism.


International Conference "Challenges and Perspectives of Public Security"

Under the International Conference of Jurists, academic activity of the “FIL”, the University Center and the Post graduated Law School Coordination of CUCSH of the Guadalajara University, organized the International Congress "Challenges and Prospects of public safety”.