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Graduate Profile

The profile of the graduate of the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics is defined generally under the following criteria:

  • Being a professional with the knowledge that help you understand, in general, in particular the functioning of living systems and how they interact under different exogenous mechanisms and its response under different systems operating both technically advanced as not always operate in the design of health care and animal health, internalized in the context of human health and global economy.
  • The graduate must have some theoretical knowledge in order to be able to understand the physical and chemical processes of the animal nature, those related to microbiology, animal production and reproduction considering the livestock, economic, administrative and financial aspects that occur during exploitation, as a promoter of local, state and national economy.
  • The graduate must possess the technical and methodological knowledge that will enable him or her to perform actions in pursuit of better outcomes deepen knowledge through continuous learning.
  • The graduate will have the knowledge of the method and practice of the work, observing the care of human health and satisfactions in the application of technology and food protection, promotion and preservation of public health, in environmental conservation, research and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge.
  • The graduate will have a spirit of service to society and exercise his/her profession, which will be developed with adherence to laws, standards, principles and values that govern our country.
  • The graduate must maintain a positive attitude towards the activities that will be implemented by working in the fields in which he/she will develop, which will be open to change consciously and weighted; with a strong willingness to work in groups, with participatory, critical and becoming a true agent of change, with profound respect for people and organizations, seeking to develop a culture of quality that allows to increase the results of their work.