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The Master's Degree in Innovative Processes in Learning (MPIA), is an international professional postgraduate course that seeks to train secondary, high school and undergraduate teachers in innovative teaching-learning methodologies. The graduate program supports its curricular design in an integrated approach based on competencies and becomes a preparation option that promotes the innovation of educational practices through renewed methodologies with an emphasis on the student and the construction of knowledge in a critical, reflective way and creative. Supported by the transversal and specialized skills that the participant of the MPIA will acquire during the development of the master's degree, carrying out critical and reflective analyzes of the traditional teaching methods, as well as of the current innovative methods or that will be developed in the future, so that he can adopt those most suited to the needs of his teaching work.

Said program is operated by the University Center of the Altos and the Institute of Education Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, for which it offers the option of having a double degree under the seal of both institutions.