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Form integral human resources with ethical sense, trained in management, development and promotion of research in the field of Biosciences for the solution of national problems, through a holistic and sustainable approach that contributes to regional and national social and environmental well-being.



To be a national and international reference in the training of human resources with capacity for interpretation and scientific transformation in the field of Biosciences, with an ethical attitude and skills for the creation and remodeling of scientific paradigms that favor a scientific, technological, social and self-sustainable development from Mexico.


Addressed to

Graduates of bachelor's degrees in the area of ​​science: chemical-biological, health, physics-mathematics or engineering. The cases of graduates of other careers will be evaluated by the academic board to issue the corresponding opinion.


Entry dates

The dates of entrance to the program will be defined by the Academic Board of the same, according to what is stipulated in the current regulations of the University of Guadalajara.