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Admission - Graduate Profile

Admission profile

  • Express interest in bioscience research;
  • Demonstrate general knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, mathematics and biostatistics;
  • Ability to raise, design, develop, present and argue a research project;
  • Creativity and imagination to suggest and design integral solutions to research questions;
  • Ability to handle instruments and laboratory techniques in biosciences and
  • Ethical values.



Profile of the graduate


  • Biology, chemistry and biochemistry;
  • Biostatistics and research methodology;
  • Laboratory analytical instrumentation and experimental techniques in biosciences;
  • The main theoretical currents and original works of greater importance in relation to their line of research;
  • Didactics to train human resources in research.

Basic abilities:

  • Analysis, synthesis and evaluation of scientific information;
  • Management of laboratory techniques in biosciences;
  • Inter, multi and transdisciplinary team work;
  • Identify, propose, design, develop, present and argue relevant research projects in the regional, state and national context;
  • Suggest, evaluate and develop solutions to research problems;
  • Dissemination and dissemination of scientific knowledge;
  • Manage resources for research and teaching.

Attitudes and Values:

  • High sense of inter and intra personal esteem;
  • High sense of socio-environmental responsibility;
  • Solidarity and synergism;
  • Ethical values.