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Graduate Profile

• The nutritionist graduated from the Universidad de Guadalajara is a professional capable of assessing the nutritional status of the population in collective and individual levels, managing feeding programs, nutrition and education, conduct research in these areas and integrate multidisciplinary teams to have a significant impact on the nutritional food situation through actions of prevention, promotion and care.
• The graduates will have suitable profiles for their practice, particularly in the areas of food science, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, management services and commercial supply business, and research and education.
• The graduate will be a critical person, innovative, creative and reflective on nutritional food processing, for use in the satisfaction of needs and demands, scientific, besides acquiring the epistemological, methodological and technical elements for the evaluation of the nutrient in food processing the individual, family and community. He/she will also develop scientific trials in human nutrition; and implement research protocols using quantitative and qualitative methodologies with emphasis on their specializing areas: clinical, community, food service management, food technology and to communicate their studies and research in different scientific areas among others.
• The graduate will be able to manage the methods, techniques and procedures in the field of nutrition to contribute to solve the problems of population’s health condition, without detriment to the environment.
• The graduate will develop a humanist character considering the individual as a biopsychosocial complex entity with critical judgment and respect for ideological diversity.
• The graduate will be capable of integrate to multidisciplinary teams; responding to the demands of the community and trying to preserve their cultural values.