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Graduate profile

(S)he is a university graduate committed with philosophical principles of the Universidad de Guadalajara. (S)he is a professional who applies her/his knowledge, attitudes, abilities and skills to give attention in high quality general medicine through promotion of health, specific protection, opportune actions for diagnosis, treatment, damage limitation and rehabilitation. (S)he uses her/his critical thinking for looking after or referring their patients to other levels or to other health professionals. (S)he acts by respecting ethics rules to give a human sense to their professional practice, into the community cultural and economic patterns where s(he) gives her/his services. S(he) is available to work in teams, with a leadership capability according to her/his roll given, participates with responsibility in decision making and applies her/his critical judgment in the different models of medical practice. S(he) applies technological and scientific advances incorporating them to her/his practice with a critical sense, putting patients’ interests above any other consideration. S(he) applies the methodology with a clinical epidemiologic approach in the field of scientific investigation, always looking for new knowledge for self-development and profession colleagues. As well as those in training process, contributing to the promotion and dissemination of medical cultural among population. S(he) administers the resources assigned for health attention.