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Doctorate in Regional Studies

The postgraduate course in Regional Studies is considered as an innovative, flexible, transdisciplinary, socially relevant educational program, located in the field of social sciences and humanities.

The interest of the program is oriented to the knowledge, understanding and reflection of the regional problems from the identification of different regionalization projects with different contents and ideological and operative nuances: the region as a mechanism or analytical category; the region as a territory and the differences between territory and region; the region understood as a categorical construction around a parameter or variable; the region defined from historical, social, political, economic and cultural relations or processes, that is, as functional or nodal regions.

In this sense, the postgraduate course seeks to understand the need for criticism of regionalization as a particular way of ordering the territory under certain models of development; also, underline the importance of analyzing how political decisions affect the ordering of the territory and all processes, dynamics and social relations. All of the above is part of the current processes that seek uniformity at the global level, but that simultaneously entail the need to carry out an in-depth analysis of local and regional dynamics, which account for the diversity and potentialities that each region contains.