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General purpose

The general objective of the academic program of the Master of Business Administration is to prepare students to face the challenges and meet the needs of society and sectors immersed in the use of specialized resources in administration, decision making and management. local and regional organizations in the west of the country.

Specific objective

The specific objectives of this academic program are:
1. To train professionals of the administration who interpret the economic, political and social environment in an appropriate manner and who are capable of implementing the administrative process in organizations.
2. Update the knowledge of the executives with the new contributions of the generation of knowledge in science and technology in the administrative area.
3. Promote excellence in the administration of organizations through the effectiveness and efficiency of international quality systems.
4. Link and apply the theoretical and practical knowledge in the administrative area to promote changes in organizations that provide a benefit to society
5. Encourage an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to create and promote sources of employment that contribute to socioeconomic development in harmony with the environment
6. Develop management personnel with negotiating skills and aptitude to make decisions under risk and in conditions of uncertainty, which will increase their chances of success in a global competitive environment