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Nowadays talking about dentists involves integrating the concept that they have, including their professional commitment to the society from which they emerge and as an agent of change within it. Training based on the curriculum, should bring them the expertise of their discipline and its links with others inside and outside the health field, so that with it they could appreciate and conceptualize a more integrated way inside the socio-medical-dental phenomena. Doing so by always placing them in the real context of their origins (the country, the state and the region). And also by distinguishing between the disciplinary and interdisciplinary limits that correspond to each of these spaces, and appreciate the diverse perspectives to approach the same phenomenon.

In this logic, the knowledge dentists gain should include a provision of the theoretical, methodological and technical elements to make an analysis of the cultural diverse reality in which they are located, with an openness to change by implementing new alternatives and trying to discard mechanistic attitudes of imitation of other contexts and situations that do not correspond to their professional practice environment.