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We are a postgraduate program that is part of the educational offer of the University Center of Los Altos of the University of Guadalajara.

We promote teaching and research oriented according to the current challenges facing animal productivity with the aim of improving the indicators of any production system and technological level, mediating the training of human resources with the cognitive skills, abilities and skills required in addition to be agents of change, innovative, ethical, responsible and with observance to the sustainability of the field.



This program was born fulfilling the quality requirements and its purpose is to contribute to the solution of problems of productive livestock development in the Alteña region, the State of Jalisco and the Country.
It is characterized by student-centered training through an innovative, flexible teaching model that uses the most advanced information, communication and learning technologies.
Early incorporates the student to tasks of analysis and solution of theoretical-practical problems
Promotes national and international mobility
It is characterized by having close ties with the business environment of the Altos de Jalisco region.
Promotes graduates with high capacity and specialization according to their own objectives of professional life
Achieves business recognition and promotes spaces for its graduates.