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The general objective of the Specialty of Endodontics is to train highly qualified human resources in the professional practice of this dental area, socially committed to clinical care and the solution of oral health problems of pulp and periapical diseases; able to work in interdisciplinary teams and in academic networks in health at national and international levels, through a professional exercise with an ethical, reflective and humanistic sense.



· Develop clinical skills to prevent, diagnose and treat pulpal and periapical diseases of patients, as well as the complementary surgical treatments necessary for the preservation of the dental organs.

· Carry out research through cutting-edge technology in the development of their professional practice to make innovation proposals in national and international forums related to the area of ​​endodontics.

· To train a professional committed to society, who participates in the processes of dental education in different population groups and in the same way in the formation of resources.