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Entry requirements

The entry requirements for the Specialty in Endodontics, in addition to those provided for by the current university regulations, are the following:

Administrative Requirements

  • Title or certificate of the Degree in Dentist Surgeon, Dentistry, Stomatology or equivalent Dental Career.
  • Letter of explanation of reasons to study the program.
  • Letter of acceptance issued by the Program Coordinator.
  • Two letters of recommendation issued by two dental professionals (practicing dentists, endodontics specialists or teachers).
  • Accredit a minimum average of eighty with original certificate or document that is comparable to the previous studies, as the case may be.
  • Present an exam or proof of English proficiency. (For example TOEFL-ITP 400 points or Equivalent).
  • Pass the preparatory course with a minimum of eighty points.
  • Conduct an interview with academics of the Academic Board or the members appointed by it.
  • Present a preliminary research project.
  • Present curriculum vitae with supporting documents.
  • Foreign applicants, in addition to complying with the aforementioned academic and institutional requirements, must have the corresponding immigration authorization and show economic solvency.