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Graduate Profile

The discharge profile of the Specialty in Endodontics was built with a methodology for integrated professional skills (Annex 5) and responds to the oral health needs in the area of ​​endodontics with a high sense of responsibility and respect for the population groups it serves. and the relationship between colleagues, the same discipline and other health professionals. It is composed of three socio-cultural competences, six professionals and three instrumental technicians:

1. Knows the problem of low socioeconomic levels of the population and is involved in strategies and / or proposals for the care of pathologies and oral abnormalities of this sector in different contexts.

2. He is a specialist respectful of his ethical principles in his professional practice before the diversity of characteristics, cultures and preferences of his patients in the different complex contexts of professional practice.

3. To be a professional committed to society, who participates in the processes of dental education in different population groups and in the same way in the formation of resources. Develop skills for the design of educational programs in different contexts.