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Graduate profile

The graduate of the degree in International Business is inserted in the labor market in countless public and private institutions that are related to international trade and the internationalization of institutions. Within its capabilities and functions are:

1. Negotiate international agreements in the public and private sphere

to. Through economic, legal, social and negotiation knowledge that are at the frontier of knowledge;
b. Through the mastery of foreign languages; Y
c. From the recognition of cultural differences.

2. Develop, implement and manage international logistics projects

to. Through knowledge of regulatory frameworks and their processes, customs management, quantitative methods and other elements of decision making;
b. From the use of specialized ICTs and Software; Y
c. Through knowledge of geography, transportation and the international economic structure.

3. Identify, design, develop and monitor the internationalization models of companies

to. From identifying areas of opportunity and generating plans and international business projects.

All of the above is developed in a globalized environment, through principles of ethics and social responsibility. In addition to a critical spirit, inclusive, with social commitment, self-management, adaptable, innovative and with a correct oral and written expression. Through an attitude of continuous improvement.