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Mission - vision


We are an Educational Program that is part of the University Center of Los Altos of the University of Guadalajara. We generate learning environments for students interested in their training by developing their analytical skills, professional skills and social responsibility. Our contribution to the development of the South Highlands region is to generate, transmit and apply knowledge related to livestock production systems, guiding our work by the principles of social solidarity, respect for human dignity and care for the environment.


Vision For 2030, the Engineering in Livestock Systems Engineering:

*It complies with national and international quality standards and contributes to the solution of disciplinary problems and the productive and social development of the region of Altos Sur de Jalisco.

*It is recognized in the region and in the state as a leading educational program in the training of professionals in livestock production systems. *It is characterized by training with an innovative, flexible, multimodal, student-centered teaching model that uses the new information, communication and learning technologies.

*Encourages national and international mobility through student exchanges.

*It incorporates students early on to tasks of analysis and solution of theoretical and practical problems.

*It is characterized by having close links with the environment of the Altos de Jalisco region.