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The Engineering in Livestock Systems career is immersed in a geographical area with important agricultural development and a preponderant place in the national and international field in production of milk, egg for dish, chicken meat, pork meat and beef. The agricultural activities of the Altos de Jalisco region began and boomed from the Spanish colonial era; since the 1980s and up to date they have had a great boost to the degree of being at the highest levels of production and productivity.

The University Center of the Altos carried out the opening of the race of Engineering in Livestock Systems in August of 1996, with a group of five students; since then, just as the circumstances of the environment have changed, the race has also evolved both in the student population and in human and physical infrastructure. In the period 2008B there are 136 active students, 70% of the subjects are taught by full-time professors, there are agreements in force with twelve producer organizations or agricultural companies for the realization of practical subjects, professional practices and research projects.

An important aspect is that the race has been accredited since May 2007, granted by the COMEAA (Mexican Committee for the Accreditation of Agricultural Education, AC), which is a body recognized by COPAES (Council for the Accreditation of Higher Education, AC), which is the only instance validated by the Ministry of Public Education to confer official recognition to the accrediting bodies of the academic programs taught in Mexico.