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Mission - Vision

Mission to 2030

We are an Educational Program that is part of the University Center of Los Altos of the University of Guadalajara, which meets the needs of higher education to influence the development of the Altos Sur region, the State of Jalisco and Mexico, training professionals with the capacity to administer competitive and cutting-edge projects, based on the solid study of the fundamental disciplines of the administration area, as well as the application and respect of the values of those who form organizations, contributing to the creation of an environment of social growth and responsibility with the society.

Vision to 2030

In the year 2030 the undergraduate program in Administration will be recognized in the state of Jalisco and will contribute to the solution of social problems as well as the productive and commercial development of the Altos Sur region of the state. In the program the quality certification is maintained by the accrediting bodies. Student and teacher mobility is fostered and facilitated through exchanges or academic stays at national and international level. The graduates will be requested for their skills, knowledge, skills and professional values, in addition to maintaining close contact with them to promote the certification of their professional skills and permanent updating. It has a staff of highly qualified teachers in teaching and research without undermining their critical awareness and its importance in the formation of social and technically prepared values.